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DC Superhero Cities by BatmanBrony

Nice little map.

Love this. … though it’s still incredibly strange to me that Gotham is located in New Jersey. I’m almost used to it.

I always thought metropolis was in Kansas, right by Smallville

gotham’s crime rate is lower than i was expecting

EDIT: I don’t buy the fact Metropolis is actually 30% smaller than Richmond, CA.

Yeah, Metropolis with a population of 72 thousand?!?

It’s almost as if “BatmanBrony” may not, in fact, be a genuine source of DC canon….


TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991)





wait for it

I was just sitting there like “the fuck am I waiting for” and then I kinda exploded with happyness

I thought this was just a picture of boots. IT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT.

The Shakespearian techno-future adventures of a cool lady cop and her divorcee single-dad monster boyfriend.


Accurate description of the television show Gargoyles.

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back away ben mckenzie or i will kick your ass back to newport

Is this not just a “dramatic confrontation on the courthouse steps” thing?

At least, I certainly hope that’s what it is. I mean to me it looks more like he’s trying to block her from going past him than anything else.


There is a transformer called Slayride and he has never appeared in anything other than one comic book and that should be illegal. 



i still dont know why this happened

this is some wwf/star trek crossover fanfiction fever dream shit

I know why this happened: William Shatner’s TekWar was airing on USA Network, just like Monday Night Raw, so he was there as an intra-network promotional thing.



As I’m sure a lot of you are aware (read: as I’m sure a lot of you have heard me whining about), I am COMPLETELY broke at the moment. As in, over-my-overdraft broke, with no source of current income- the best I have to look forward to is my student loan next month. I’m at home with my parents, so it’s not ENTIRELY terrible, and I have rent covered, but it’s still been a real hassle.

So! I took one of the shirts off my redbubble shop and I decided, what the heckie, Teespring is a thing! This shirt is available on Teespring for the next twelve days!

Teespring is one of those sites where they let you put a shirt up for free, but the catch is that it has to sell a certain amount before it’s printed. If it sells less than that, it doesn’t sell at all. (You don’t get charged in the event it doesn’t sell, of course.) In my case, it’s thirty shirts at $15 plus shipping each. So in the event I manage to shift thirty, you get a shirt. If I don’t, you aren’t charged.

If you don’t want to buy, I would super appreciate if you’d be willing to signal boost this! Because my bank account is super depressing right now, to be honest. Also, I mean, the shirt’s not too shabby, right? Right.



On second thought, someone please take my tablet away.

this joke has probably already been made but meh



im fucking laughing cause she’s over here talking to powerglide and then she just goes and does this

without even looking

Moonracer is the best.




Victoria Cartagena has been cast to play Renee Montoya in Fox’s upcomming Gotham TV show! Montoya, a Gotham PD detective, is one of DC’s (and all comics in general) best out lesbian characters. She’s had a few different girlfriends, but most notable is a passionate off-and-on thing with Kate Kane/Batwoman. Montoya eventually becomes a superhero in her own right, The Question. I doubt that would happen in the show anytime soon though.

Interest in this show went up by a lot.

Someone please show me a source on this that isn’t IMDB. 


That’s what it says.


Seem legit.

(From The Transformers (Marvel UK) #271,  ”The Living Nightlights!” Pencils by Jon Marshall, Inks by Stephen Baskerville, Written by Simon Furman)