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This is my 1000th post?



A newly born kitten






Do you ever see someone’s wheel of time fan art and just say “NOPE” to your computer/phone?

I do.


White Aiel

Which is actually questionable as red hair is highly common amongst Aiel. Which, while you might think is odd for a…

Yeah. Pale eyes and light hair.

Yeah, the Aiel are supposed to be white people. They’re basically Nordic and/or other Northern European in appearance, being tall blondes and redheads with light eyes and naturally fair skin. It was clearly Robert Jordan’s intent to subvert expectations by having the desert-dwelling people from the others side of the mountains who are considered “savages” by many actually be some of the whitest-looking folks around. And their history is specifically constructed to explain that they’re not indigenous to the Waste and life there is incredibly harsh for them. 

Now, white Saldaeans or fair-skinned Two Rivers folk, on the other hand… those get the “NOPE” reaction. 

Oh, and thin versions of Graendal. Because, no, just giving her big boobs doesn’t actually make her look like how she’s described.


Asiatic Golden Cat by Anne-Marie Kalus


It took me 5 minutes and 2 family trees to figure out exactly how Moiraine and Elayne are related

I really want the Encyclopedia that’s coming out to include a complete Damodred family tree. Because Moiraine being Elayne’s aunt (half-sister of her father Taringail) is relatively straight-forward compared to exactly where Caraline and especially Barthanes fit in.

"The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies."

I kinda can’t believe that out of every possible variation of that title, they’ve actually settled on the most awkward.

Seriously. Three uses of “the” in the name of one movie. Why?


double stuf oreos should really just be called ‘correctly stuffed oreos’

I remember a time a while back, when I was eating some Oreos and strated wondering what the heck was wrong with them, did they change the recipe or something? Because they just weren’t right…

Then I realized I had somehow mistakenly bought regular Oreos instead of Double Stuf.



oh my gosh these buns are so pretty! They look like someone tried to make burnt toast into an animal :O



There was a sand cat at the National Zoo in DC, and the guy working there said that they put the box down for a second when feeding the cat, and he jumped in it right away, so even though it was accidental, the cardboard box is now a permanent part of the sand cat’s exhibit. 


Why does Hopper not see Birgitte when she’s talking to Perrin outside the Tower of Ghenjei?

Presumably the Heroes in Tel’aran’rhiod can choose to make themselves as visible or invisible to people (or wolves) as they wish. 


Also we need a way to keep all these different uses of “Robots in Disguise” straight.

So for uses in fiction we have:

- the RiD cartoon, otherwise known as Car Robots
- The IDW comic
- The new cartoon

We don’t need to refer to the minor times it’s been used like as a tagline or a toyline subtitle or whatever.

I propose the following:

- “CRID”, or “Car Robots in Disguise” for the first cartoon
- “RIDW” for the comic. Should be obvious
- “NRID”, or “New RID” for the new cartoon.

Seriously guys, spread this around? Maybe it can catch on. It’s too late for anyone to care much about the old show but once the new cartoon actually comes out we’re gonna need a way to keep things straight.

I feel like these might just lead to more confusion. I saw NRID suggested elsewhere without explanation and immediately in my head I was quoting the Zorro movie from that episode of the Simpsons. “N? What does N stand for?”

I don’t really have a better alternative, mind you (RID ‘15?), but I image a lot of people not getting these at first glance. 




Combiner Wars

…huh. Some newcomers?

Offroad is just Wildrider with a new name I think.

I disagree, as I think Offroad looks nothing like Wildrider, I would be strongly inclined to consider him a new character unless stated otherwise. Same for Alpha Bravo the helicopter who’s there instead of Slingshot in the Aerialbots. I really think they’re both new guys, not replacement names. 

Windblade #4 summary:

What the hell was that?



Chickadee at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary by Heidi Schuyt Photography